St. Jacob’s, Ontario

If I lived in another country, and was visiting Canada, I would want to know about these kinds of places. That’s how I justify thinking of my blog as a travel and adventure blog even though I rarely go further than a few hours from my hometown. I’m preparing myself for when I can take bigger adventures. You’ll be the first to know.

I love exploring this Antique Shop. It has so many random items and fun kitsch. There are legitimately nice antiques too, but I don’t really care about that stuff. The building is divided into stalls, and an assortment of vendors rent the space, so you may see an over priced mason jar in one section that is much more affordable a few units down. Often times the stalls are decorated or styled, so they’re interesting to look at even if you don’t purchase anything. I always check out the vintage cameras.

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I didn’t go into the town of St. Jacob’s this time, but I checked out the Farmer’s Market. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and people were EVERYWHERE just enjoying the day, chatting and eating at a leisurely place. There is a great variety of food. There are other vendors too, but I never feel the need to purchase anything from them. They tend to sell more assembly line type products rather than real handicrafts. I can purchase tupperware and cell phone cases anywhere, you know? But check it out for the food, definitely!




New Year’s Day

Rock Point Provincial Park on New Year’s Day and learning to embrace hope.

This is my year for hope – the ridiculous kind where you hang on to something even when it is literally impossible. It’s time to be lighthearted and silly for a change. You become jaded and discouraged over time. It’s not something you’re born with, no matter how realistic you are as a child. ¬†Experience is your teacher. The problem is, discouragement has never accomplished anything for me. It’s never reached a goal or even brought me the slightest bit of joy. So, at the risk of being called naive and idealistic, I will hope. Here I go.

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Liz, Sarah and I went to Rock Point Provincial Park on New Year’s Day. I haven’t been in months. The water from the lake stung our faces, and the wind was cold, but once we got in the shelter of the trees it was actually pretty warm. I had never done the trail before, but they have lots of times. We weren’t the only ones there, probably because the weather was so mild.

Downtown Hamilton

I think if you love a place, it shows when you photograph it. You see beauty and fondness and it translates through the light onto the sensor of the camera, in a different way than if you’re indifferent. Having no memories of actually living in Hamilton doesn’t seem to matter. I spent huge amounts of my childhood here. It’s not home, that’s Dunnville, but it’s still a place I enjoy exploring every time I allow myself the chance.

I’m going to do a little post on a few of my favourite shops next!