St. Jacob’s, Ontario

If I lived in another country, and was visiting Canada, I would want to know about these kinds of places. That’s how I justify thinking of my blog as a travel and adventure blog even though I rarely go further than a few hours from my hometown. I’m preparing myself for when I can take bigger adventures. You’ll be the first to know.

I love exploring this Antique Shop. It has so many random items and fun kitsch. There are legitimately nice antiques too, but I don’t really care about that stuff. The building is divided into stalls, and an assortment of vendors rent the space, so you may see an over priced mason jar in one section that is much more affordable a few units down. Often times the stalls are decorated or styled, so they’re interesting to look at even if you don’t purchase anything. I always check out the vintage cameras.

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I didn’t go into the town of St. Jacob’s this time, but I checked out the Farmer’s Market. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and people were EVERYWHERE just enjoying the day, chatting and eating at a leisurely place. There is a great variety of food. There are other vendors too, but I never feel the need to purchase anything from them. They tend to sell more assembly line type products rather than real handicrafts. I can purchase tupperware and cell phone cases anywhere, you know? But check it out for the food, definitely!




King Street, Central Hamilton

A few weekends ago on a Saturday evening, we went for sushi and in pursuit of an ugly Christmas sweater. I had heard that Out of the Past was the best store, with a whole section of an kind of hideous festive apparel, so we ventured down to King Street in Hamilton.

King Street is lined with amazing little shops. Cheapies is this “famous” music store, that’s been there since the 80s, and sells records, dvds, cds, and collectibles. There’s a Board Game cafe, which was packed with people, who play a flat rate to play board games for hours, and a perfect looking book store filled with nice, used copies of classics.

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