Love: Places

“I was in love with the place
In my mind, in my mind
I made a lot of mistakes
In my mind, in my mind”

My blog theme for this month is LOVE, which may seem a little obvious for February, but sometimes as you as well work with a situation. The first post for the month though is about my love for a place (and my friends). I was born in Hamilton, and spent a lot of my childhood there, but that’s not why I love it now. Hamilton has such a unique vibe. It’s sort of dirty and sketchy sometimes, but all around are these old, beautiful buildings. And the Art (oh the Art!)… it’s everywhere. Art is part of the fibre of the city, and the creative community has played a central part in re-building the reputation of Hamilton.

For my birthday, I asked my friends if we could go on a book store crawl in Hamilton. It was a Sunday, so most of the bookstores were closed, but we did check out Epic Books on Locke Street. Locke has quirky street art in every alleyway, and a number of really cute, “artsy” shops, including Quills.

After Locke Street, we went over to James North to see if Mixed Media was open, since it’s one of my favourite stores. It wasn’t, but we tried out Hotti Biscotti while we were there.

We walked around to King Street to hit up old favourites after that.

The Hamilton Art Gallery is open to the public for free right now, because part of it isn’t open for renovations, so we stopped there too. I had never been before and really enjoyed it.

Then we went for sushi and ate too much, so all in all, an amazing day. Explore the city (or town) you’re in and try to do it with your eyes open for small details you might otherwise overlook.