The Stotts

I’m counting this as an adventure.

Also this is mostly a post where I brag that these are my friends.

My cousin Sarah is a fashion and band photographer and she wanted to get practice doing music videos, so she asked our friend James if she could do a video of his song “Father”, because it’s a really beautiful, emotional song. She asked me to do some behind the scenes photos.

We checked out an abandoned building at first, which was really cool, but she ultimately decided to just film them at “The Farm”, a place just outside Dunnville, which it turns out, has a really cool light set up and fog machine.

filimgget it doneguitar casejames againjames favron 01james favron 03james favron band 04james pMattsarah 02 bwsoundmanTHE FARMThe James Favronthe stotts 03the stotts band 04The Stotts Band bw

Check out the Stotts on CHCH morning live here

And in Sarah’s music video here.