Bonfire Weather

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People always say “don’t take photos in the heat of the day. The light is too harsh”. Usually it is, but sometimes you just have to do it. Sometimes the day is so beautiful and the weather just perfect, and you want to preserve the washed out tones and the bright glare because it feels good and the moment is good. You can’t always follow the rules with Art and life. Sometimes you have to follow the direction of your heart.


New Year’s Day

Rock Point Provincial Park on New Year’s Day and learning to embrace hope.

This is my year for hope – the ridiculous kind where you hang on to something even when it is literally impossible. It’s time to be lighthearted and silly for a change. You become jaded and discouraged over time. It’s not something you’re born with, no matter how realistic you are as a child. ¬†Experience is your teacher. The problem is, discouragement has never accomplished anything for me. It’s never reached a goal or even brought me the slightest bit of joy. So, at the risk of being called naive and idealistic, I will hope. Here I go.

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Liz, Sarah and I went to Rock Point Provincial Park on New Year’s Day. I haven’t been in months. The water from the lake stung our faces, and the wind was cold, but once we got in the shelter of the trees it was actually pretty warm. I had never done the trail before, but they have lots of times. We weren’t the only ones there, probably because the weather was so mild.