Hamilton Art Crawling

This is an out of date post. That’s how behind I am on everything. On a positive note, in part it’s because I’ve been adventuring more and not sitting editing at my computer.

I love the Hamilton Art Crawls. They take place on James Street North on the second Friday of every month, and they’re ideal for people watching. All the artists, hipsters, hippies, and gypsters show up in full force and full-fashion, and it’s wonderful to mingle in the crowds on a warm summer evening.

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I took less photos this time, I’m not sure why. I do remember I was really tired. For more Art Crawl scenes, see my post here and check out the big art event Super Crawl too!


Hamilton Art Crawl

I have wanted to attend an Art Crawl basically since the moment I heard about it. The second Friday of every month, on James North in Hamilton, artists, crafters and musicians (as well as book sellers and food vendors) line the street from Barton to Wilson. All the galleries and cafes are open. We had the most gorgeous weather, so there were tons of people, and I loved every second of it. It’s a photographer’s dream. Although as the night goes on, you do have to be a little more inventive with your ISO and shutter, because there really isn’t room to be trucking a tripod.