Ice and Fur

Ice storms cripple the world -the morning commute, the school day, the work day. They terrify people. Yet, they are so beautiful, it’s tough to even be angry. Especially when the next day is sunny with clear blue skies and the ice gems start to drip but not before they shine.


I think sometimes we marvel at CGI worlds or the beauty of exotic islands, and then while we live in our dreams, we forget to put on our winter coats and take a few minutes to appreciate the magic that is left after an ice storm, or in the fog, or at sunset. DSC_1920DSC_1922DSC_1928DSC_1927

I want to see so many places, but I don’t ever want to lose the ability to appreciate what is right here.




Joe and Katrina Engagement Session

It was a perfect day for photographs, sunny and not too hot. We started at the Church where Joe and Katrina got engaged, and then hit up the Canadian Tire Fishing Aisle where they met, and then on to one of their favourite places, the comic book store, and finally for a picnic to Niagara on the Lake, at a truly beautiful location, which although busy, seemed private and cozy.

It was a tiny bit difficult to capture the photos at Canadian Tire because it was really busy and this little girl was watching so intently that it felt mildly wrong for them to be kissing and so forth in front of her. In any case, we got some fun captures and that’s what matters.

Highlights of 2014

A few of my favourite photo moments from 2014. I didn’t realize how full this year actually was, until trying to print off my images for the year. (This year’s haul is over 300 4×6 images for my albums, which is basically as minimal as I could go, and which does not include professional session work. That’s just everyday life and adventures).

These images are an assortment of professional and personal projects, but in any case, they’re images that make me smile. Young babies laughing and cuddling, my good friend’s engagement and wedding (although I didn’t photograph the wedding because I was IN it, I managed to get a few before and during the reception), working with friends on their personal business ventures in fair trade and music, hikes, and comic cons, teaching photo skills and hanging out with crazy teenagers, personal growth, particularly in finding my own style; overall, it’s been a good year, and one I enjoy looking back on, in part because I didn’t even realize how full and meaningful it was overall.

Dielman-Hostetler Wedding

One of my dearest friends got married this weekend, and I was invited to be in the bridal party. As a result, I didn’t photograph the wedding, even though I would have loved to, but I loaned out my camera to basically anyone who was willing to use it. Here are a few of my favourite captures from the day!

We probably had the most relaxed bridal party morning ever. We kinda just sat around in pajamas and ate pizza. I had my hair and make-up done when I got there, but the bride’s aunt and cousins worked on everyone else’s hair and make-up. Then we got dressed and arrived at the Church basically on time. We did a few photos in the backyard, and there were tons of crickets and they kept jumping up our dresses! Apparently the groomsmen had a blast doing their photos and the dock they did their photos on separated from the land while they were out there, so we almost lost the groom. But it all worked out in the end… and the ceremony was truly beautiful. Jennah looked so, so lovely walking down the aisle and the flower girl was perfect! She loved everyone looking at her, even though she woke up literally a minute before it was time to start.

A few of my favourite photo booth photos.

And finally…. photographs from the dance. I’ve only met a few people in my life who loved to dance as much as these people. They danced and danced all night, even as they cleaned up after the wedding. And… it was contagious. Plus it wasn’t just shuffling from foot to foot, it was arms waving, full body dancing!

And…. my favourite photograph from the day….

The bride and groom dancing
The bride looks so happy in this candid moment late in the night after everyone was starting to go home

And finally, the dreamy lanterns we sent into the night sky.

lanterns, wedding, fire, hot air lanterns
Wedding lanterns against the night sky

lanterns 2

I was so grateful to be a part of this truly magical day, and I wish Jennah and Cam all the happiness in the world. I love you guys.