My Life in a Nutshell

I’m suppose to do posts documenting my entire day once a month, but that never seems to happen. Also I always pick days when I’m doing something fun, which seems a bit like cheating… but here it goes (through a mix of cell phone and dslr images for comparison).

I always start the day with tea and reading. I scribbled some notes in my journal. I went outside in bare feet even though it was way too cold to check out the progress of the spring flowers.

Cellphone versions of the same thing, and also my awesome yoga moves.

girl on a winggirl on a wing 03girl on a wing 02

My friends and I were headed to Toronto Comic Con, but I’ve wanted to check out Girl on the Wing in Hamilton for months now. It was really cute, and sells vintage clothing as well as goods from Out of Print and the Stay at Home Club.

I bought a few things….

I got the awful lapel pin (and a new obsession with lapel pins) and the pineapple earrings, as well as a vintage dress. Katrina bought my little camera earrings. I saw so many cute things though!

Then it was Comic Con. I had never been to Toronto Comic Con before and at first, it didn’t love it. I found the traffic flow overwhelming, even though I go to much busier events. I think Niagara Falls is still my favourite, but by the end of the night, I was enjoying myself. On the Friday night, there were fewer of the hardcore costumes. Mostly people wore hats or t-shirts devoted to their fandoms, not full outfits. The artist alley was really good and large though. Sometimes I find Fan Expo to have a lot of the same items, there was a great variety at this show, and reasonable prices.

I love seeing how people dress for these events. It’s so fun. I took a few of my favourite cosplay photos on my phone though. Lexa from The 100 and Kylo Ren, although isn’t that Rey costume (featured above) really amazing. The girl even looks like the actress.


And then, we drove home. The end.

IMG_1984IMG_2013Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetIMG_2011My spoils from the day! So many cute finds!












Open Mic Night (my life in a nutshell)

Some random day in December, I decided to document my entire day again. It wasn’t anything special. A Wednesday.

I like to read first thing in the morning. First my bible, then something light while I drink my coffee. I was reading Luanne Rice’s Silver Bells.

Wednesdays are soup kitchen days, so while my aunt and uncle are setting up there, I let out their cavalier king charles spaniels.

This particular week, at the soup kitchen, Sarah was decorating for Christmas. I took a few snaps of some local fellows while I was there for my documentary photo project on beauty.

Some candid photos, while we sat and chatted afterwards.

Wednesday afternoons, I usually edit any photo work I have backed up, but I also worked on some cheesy Christmas cards.

Made dinner, did dishes, played with rabbits….

Normally on a Wednesday evening, I go to Bible Study, but it was cancelled this week. Also the library was having its Open Mic Night…

The performers were amazing. A little mix of guitar, bango, mandolin, singing and poetry. At the end, one of the performers started a Christmas carol and everyone joined in. It really makes you appreciate living in a small community on nights like this. Everyone is so supportive of one another, and if they don’t know each other before the evening, by the end, you’ve probably met. Dunnville is generally pretty supportive of its library, and although it’s still small, the Arts community is really great and works together. It’s like I’m trying to convince you to move here. I’m not, but I do love it.



Life in a nutshell… May 2, 2015

I woke late, which I love doing on sunny days. I touched up paint on a few things, then sat in the sunshine and watched my aunt and uncle’s dog eat an ice cube.

In the afternoon, I photographed a baby birthday party, with a really fun, sweet family. There were so many babies! And lots of bubbles and pretty decorations.

Afterwards, I hung out with my friends on their date night, which wasn’t super awkward until the waitress basically called me a third wheel, (which I was). We went to Neutral Zone Comics in Niagara Falls, then for Thai food and I suggested we go to Port Dalhousie (so I could get some cute, candid photos of them at the beach). It turned out the sunset was gorgeous that night, and the only downside was the random bug hatches that swarmed in some of the photos. My friends got engaged a few days ago… and I get to be the wedding photographer, so it was worth being a third wheel in the end! Congratulations guys. I’m so excited to be a part of your day!

Life in a nutshell

I’m a lifestyle photographer at heart. That means I like to capture life as it’s happening rather than posing people in ideal lighting, which I realize is often how people prefer to be photographed. More and more, as I read about branding and struggle to find my niche, I am forced to acknowledge that that is where I am most comfortable and most confident and that I need to remember that as I try to market myself and not try to fit myself into a shape where I just don’t fit.

As part of that, to get back into my grove, it dawned on me I could photograph my own life. So here is yesterday, in a nutshell.

So the day sort of went like this…. Church (It was Palm Sunday). After that, my friends and family had a huge turkey dinner, which actually had nothing to do with it being Palm Sunday. Then we parted ways. and I put the first coats on something’s I’m painting. After that, Jeff, Joe, Katrina and I watched a movie and played with Katrina’s dog Evie. I dropped my camera on the ground, but no damage done, thank God! I went home, painted a bit more and then watched the season finale of The Walking Dead. I loved it if you’re curious. Finally, I read and went to bed. It looks more eventful when you photograph it. My favourites are the candids of my friends.