Depression and this blog

The thing people don’t realize about depression is how much it hinders you moving forward and making choicesabandoned mini putt 09

Every choice feels wrong. Every step in a new direction requires more emotional energy than you can muster. If you get a new job or make progress at all, it’s almost always by chance or because you set things in motion on a good day.

I am finally winning my fight with depression and the temptation is to feel like I lost ten years of my life to a haze of immobility, but I am not going to be dismayed because the revelation of that means I’m not awake and alive! I started taking anti-depressants a few years ago. It didn’t help at first. Now I finally feel ‘on top’ enough to reflect on my experiences.

nice day

This blog is dedicated to the things that help me win – God and family (of course), but on a daily basis, also photography, adventures and forming a hopeful philosophy on which to cling – it’s always been the key I just didn’t know it.

Don’t be too hard on those you know who face this struggle. Just love them, even when they can’t feel it, (and they won’t always). It is love that makes all the difference.

If you are feeling like you can’t take the sadness any longer, or maybe you can’t take life at all anymore, please call someone you trust or this mental health helpline 1-866-531-2600 before you do anything else!

I’m definitely not an expert, but I’d love to hear your experiences, email me at

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