even lonely girls need someoneCharity Blaine runs A Lovely Little World, a small business specializing in lifestyle, fine art and street photography. Her work focuses on capturing the small moments and emotions that will later in life become fond memories. Charity studied History as well as photography, and for her, photographs are a way to document and archive life, beauty, hope and the human experience. Her photographs are colourful, full of emotion, and often informal, edited to create dreamy, story telling final images.

Eventually, Charity would love to use her photography for more humanitarian causes, but for the time being, she focuses on creating work that makes people feel something. She wants to give hope and inspiration, as well as documenting the overlooked realities of day to day life. It is her goal to find beauty everywhere, while experimenting with her Art and developing herself as an artist and individual. She won photography awards two years in a row at Niagara College, and has been published in Applied Arts magazine. For a brief time, Charity worked as a reporter and freelance writer/columnist for two local newspapers.

Her inspiration comes from street photographers, such as Vivian Maier, lifestyle photographers such as Joy Prouty (of Wildflowers Photography), design artists such as Beci Orpin and flowers. In her spare time, she started a Photography Club for teenagers, and enjoys making jewellery and other crafts. She has blogged for a number of years for her blog of the same name. Charity loves pop culture, television and dressing her rabbits in clothes, all of which influence and appear in her work regularly. She loves adventures, even small ones.




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    1. Hello!
      Such a pleasure to have you comment on my blog. I checked out your project and it is so much bigger than mine! Thank you for sharing!

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