Ice and Fur

Ice storms cripple the world -the morning commute, the school day, the work day. They terrify people. Yet, they are so beautiful, it’s tough to even be angry. Especially when the next day is sunny with clear blue skies and the ice gems start to drip but not before they shine.


I think sometimes we marvel at CGI worlds or the beauty of exotic islands, and then while we live in our dreams, we forget to put on our winter coats and take a few minutes to appreciate the magic that is left after an ice storm, or in the fog, or at sunset. DSC_1920DSC_1922DSC_1928DSC_1927

I want to see so many places, but I don’t ever want to lose the ability to appreciate what is right here.




Author: alovelylittleworld

I am Charity Emmanuelle Blaine, a lifestyle photographer from Dunnville and Hamilton, Ontario. I see beauty in everything and capture the precious moments that define our lives. I look for those universal seconds that we all, as humans, understand. I believe in love and whimsy, day dreams, hope and human compassion. Those are the things that will always be present in my work. I studied photography at Niagara College, but I have a background in research, History and elementary school teaching. I occasionally still shoot film and I collect post cards, Indie Art and Music and vinyl toys. I love the Walking Dead and Parks and Recreation.

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