20 ways to help you love yourself

First thing’s first, I definitely don’t love myself, not usually. I created the following list of ideas because I want to remember to do them, either because in the past they have helped or I suspect that they will help.

single rose again

  1. Write down your strengths and accomplishments. Even random things. I like that people bring me their broken jewellery to fix, even if it’s just a case that I’m the only one with the tools. It’s something practical I can do.
  2. Refuse to talk negative about yourself. When I was in teacher’s college, my placement teacher pulled me aside and said, “You have to stop saying, “my example isn’t good, you can do better” because it’s self-deprecating and that doesn’t give a good message. Do you want your children to talk negatively about themselves? Of course not, so don’t do it either.
  3. Write about what you love doing and doing it. (Obviously).
  4. Treat yourself to something nice. I only find this helpful when I do it deliberately. If I’m just in the mood to eat junk food and I start doing it everyday, it’s not rewarding. If I consciously choose to eat my favourite food as a reward to myself, it’s so much better and gives you something to which you can look forwards.
  5. Get “fixed” up. I don’t mean on a date. I mean shave, do your nails, try a new hairstyle, don’t go out in yoga pants. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself.
  6. Positive self-talk. Stop dreading things. Remind yourself you can do them.
  7. Keep a sleep routine. I find it nearly impossible to feel good about myself or anything when I’m overly tired.
  8. Help people. I always feel better about myself and just genuinely happy when I find a way to help someone else.
  9. Give gifts or notes to someone who is lonely. When you’re wanting to make someone else feel good, it’s much harder to feel bad about yourself. Plus the reward of cheering someone up and showing them they are loved, is one of the best feelings ever. It’s actually scientific.
  10. Refuse to dwell on your past. Good or bad. It’s over. Let yourself move on.
  11. Realize life and Art are beautiful for their imperfections.
  12. Give yourself down time and don’t feel guilty about it.
  13. Know your convictions and stick to them. This was a big one for me personally. If you know that you don’t eat meat for ethical reasons, or you give your food banks because you want to help the poor and think that’s super important, be happy about that. It’s good to have convictions.
  14. Listen to your instincts. Everyone will have advice about what is best for you. What does your gut say? If you do, no one else will be responsible for your choices and you won’t hate yourself for letting everyone else decide for you.
  15. Have a solo dance party.
  16. Find your best pose and take selfies. Try new outfits, new angles, new make-up. Find a you that you see is beautiful and capture her or him.
  17. Write reminders to yourself that make you feel strong. For me personally, I like to write “Stay gold” and “Shine like Stars in the Universe” because it reminds me to not let life ruin me. Sometimes things are tough, and people are cruel, but if you stay gold, you love people and life despite it all.
  18. Find a community and people that love and support you. There will be days when you don’t want to see people, but it’s such a good feeling knowing they are there and care anyway. I’m so blessed to have a tight family, Church community and small town home, I get lots of reinforcement.
  19. Embrace your quirks. Do you want to be just a faceless member of the crowd, the proverbial sheep? No! So be happy with the things that make you special.
  20. Hang on to your values and build your life around them. If you want a big house, I mean really truly deep inside you, then work towards that. If you prefer a minimalist lifestyle, then do that. If you want to be a free-spirited hippie, that’s good. If you prefer strict structure and routine, perfect. You are who are, let your life reflect that. If you love people, love people, be kind to them, even if people say “you’re too kind”. Live your values. You’ll love yourself better for it.love


I also want you to remember, that God loves you. He fully believes that you are worthy of life. Jesus loves you, so much that He died for you. If they can love you, you should love you. It’s hard to receive love though sometimes, and I think that’s because we can’t always believe that we are worth loving. These are things that I THINK are helpful in learning to love yourself. If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thanks!

you really are beautiful





Author: alovelylittleworld

I am Charity Emmanuelle Blaine, a lifestyle photographer from Dunnville and Hamilton, Ontario. I see beauty in everything and capture the precious moments that define our lives. I look for those universal seconds that we all, as humans, understand. I believe in love and whimsy, day dreams, hope and human compassion. Those are the things that will always be present in my work. I studied photography at Niagara College, but I have a background in research, History and elementary school teaching. I occasionally still shoot film and I collect post cards, Indie Art and Music and vinyl toys. I love the Walking Dead and Parks and Recreation.

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