Love Bubble

I use to think that being in love, being married, was like being in a bubble. The world would go on around you, but you were safe in your family unit because you had each other. You had thoughts that only your family/partner knew and you could be yourself. If you were insecure, or had an argument, you could come home and find comfort knowing that you had that other person.

Then I forgot that I thought that. Life changed, I changed. In November, I went over to visit James and Tori, Jax and Beau, and I was editing a few photos I snapped of them while I was there, and I remembered the bubble. I didn’t really achieve the photos I wanted to take, ones the accurately capture them, but that was because of my own insecurities (also an important lesson) but here is what I did see.


This beautiful, amazing mama, who despite being (probably) an introvert has married this silly, big hearted musician who is always moving and rocking and full of life… and it works. He shelters her so she doesn’t have to face people more than she wants to, and she supports him so he can live his life out loud, taking chances and making music and laughing. And they encourage their boys to be creative and brave and to love each other. You know that even if they argue, or get tired of chasing after small children, they always have each other’s backs… and that is exactly how I figured the bubble would work.


I will also mention I can’t take full credit for the photos, Jax was my assistant photographer that day, even though he’s less than two!


Author: alovelylittleworld

I am Charity Emmanuelle Blaine, a lifestyle photographer from Dunnville and Hamilton, Ontario. I see beauty in everything and capture the precious moments that define our lives. I look for those universal seconds that we all, as humans, understand. I believe in love and whimsy, day dreams, hope and human compassion. Those are the things that will always be present in my work. I studied photography at Niagara College, but I have a background in research, History and elementary school teaching. I occasionally still shoot film and I collect post cards, Indie Art and Music and vinyl toys. I love the Walking Dead and Parks and Recreation.

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