Hamilton Bay and the Outdoor Skating Rink

I love ice skating. A few years ago, I got new skates for a birthday present and have barely used them since. This year one of my goals for 2015 was to make sure I went skating. On my birthday, I dragged my friends to the outside rink on the Hamilton Bay at the end of James Street, near where the Haida historical site is located. I figured they couldn’t say no since it was a birthday thing (haha). If you’ve never been, and you enjoy winter sports, it’s worth visiting. Even though it’s outdoor, they have a zamboni clear the ice so it’s nice and smooth. They rent skates and sell hot chocolate right on the spot. It’s a bit busy, so you have to manoeuvre around small children and teenagers pretending to not know how to skate so they have an excuse to hold hands, but it would be a really nice place for a family day excursion with small children.

skating at the hamilton outdoor rinkHere I am, clearly excited to be lacing up my skates and get on the ice.

home time

And then trying to look sad (most pathetic pout ever) because it was getting late in the day, and the rink was packed so it was time to leave.


Author: alovelylittleworld

I am Charity Emmanuelle Blaine, a lifestyle photographer from Dunnville and Hamilton, Ontario. I see beauty in everything and capture the precious moments that define our lives. I look for those universal seconds that we all, as humans, understand. I believe in love and whimsy, day dreams, hope and human compassion. Those are the things that will always be present in my work. I studied photography at Niagara College, but I have a background in research, History and elementary school teaching. I occasionally still shoot film and I collect post cards, Indie Art and Music and vinyl toys. I love the Walking Dead and Parks and Recreation.

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