Frankenmuth, Michigan

A few weeks ago, I went down to one of my favourite places on earth… the giant Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I didn’t want to make everyone grumpy, posting Christmas pictures too soon, but I’ve waited long enough and can’t contain myself any more. The first number of images are just from around the community. It’s very touristy, but also very pretty and tidy. The towns makes a lot of effort placing flowers (and being as it’s Fall), pumpkins, corn stalks, and even scarecrows all over the place.

Frankenmuth has a really good bead store, the Bead Haven, so I always make sure I stop in there too. I don’t have any other particular stores to recommend, but in general, it’s a pretty cosy place.

Bronner’s, on the other hand, is floor to ceiling Christmas. Photographs never do it justice because they only capture 2-D. It’s like a Christmas wonderland. This year, it seems, I focused more on details then the overall effect, but at least you can see a few of the quirky, fun things, you can find there.


Author: alovelylittleworld

I am Charity Emmanuelle Blaine, a lifestyle photographer from Dunnville and Hamilton, Ontario. I see beauty in everything and capture the precious moments that define our lives. I look for those universal seconds that we all, as humans, understand. I believe in love and whimsy, day dreams, hope and human compassion. Those are the things that will always be present in my work. I studied photography at Niagara College, but I have a background in research, History and elementary school teaching. I occasionally still shoot film and I collect post cards, Indie Art and Music and vinyl toys. I love the Walking Dead and Parks and Recreation.

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